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MANNY was born from what was left of the flimsily stapled, hand-drawn books painstakingly made by a father for his child. With nothing but an old Wacom Bamboo Pen Tablet, freeware called Krita and Paint.NET, and Microsoft Office programs while having minimal artistic skills, he sought to create more durable picture books that could be reproduced should they meet the same grisly fate as his earlier “masterpieces”. And since writing more about this falls under TLDR <Too Long Didn’t Read>, end.

MANNY aims to teach children about values and issues this father cares about. Being immigrants in Japan, providing the books in both English and Japanese to aid in language education was a no-brainer.


- For being free to read: Before buying books for kids, it seems logical for parents to want to know what the books are about and if they agree with the content.

- For being available only in print: This father believes that for kids, actual books are still best.

- For not having many female characters: The “artist” is horrible at depicting female characters.

- For publishing around one book per year: Procrastination. If you want to be notified when the next book comes out, please enter your email below or follow us on social media.

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